PELLAT-FINET elevates exclusivity to a singularly higher plane.
Breathing boldness into basics.

Fusing the patrician qualities of cashmere into the brashness of an urban silhouette,
Ultimate luxury reinvented through attitude-imbued knitwear
Every single pullover is knit with the finest cashmere the world has to offer, fashioned in the tradition of english craftmanship, with rustic finishing And a scottish hand-feel that is at once compact and souple.
Unexpected contours, hues and combinations rattle the established order in men’s and women’s attire, composing a collection without calendar fixtures but an unwavering ethos of respect towards the rhythm of nature and the honesty of the creative process.

PELLAT-FINET stands for small-scale production, geared towards a clientele of cognoscenti with a fluid attitude that seamlessly associates laid-back sportswear and the most exacting standards of refinement in craftsmanship.
The boutiques are designed for nomadic and intimate cocooning, as if thrust into motion to quench the irrepressible desire to be in the here and now.

PELLAT-FINET is also the legacy of a creator by the name of Lucien.
A bon-vivant with a pioneering spirit, he often found himself at odds with the passing fads of his times.
In the 1980s he devised the ideal outfit to wear on his transatlantic journeys: a cashmere pullover with no branding or label stitched on the collar, Knitted with the utmost care using only the finest, most sensual fibre.
Elegance in fabrication distilled with minimalistic styling in a pullover that is worn as a perennially fashionable tee-shirt.
An “anti-fashion” stance that set him up as the figurehead of a new elite in pursuit of comfort and rareness.

Designed in Paris, tailored in London from an italian yarn renowned for its excellence, the PELLAT-FINET collections reclaim the bare essence of knitwear with no outwardly visible labels,
Freedom to think outside the box is regained, as the mantle of standard-bearer rests solely on the cashmere material itself, with its unparalleled quality.
These values will resonate with purists yearning for authentic experiences, as well as a new generation tinkering with its own codes, breaking new ground.

Timeless luxury for connoisseurs with an iconoclastic disposition.