PELLAT-FINET’s italian cashmere yarn is of outstanding, worldclass quality. Carded, tightly knit and lightly washed, in the Scottsh tradition, this yarn truly embodies the contemporary and authentic handfeel of the PELLAT-FINET collections.
- Double: double-face 1x1 ribbing / intense responsive feel
- Loop: terry cloth-loopback / innovative texture for cashmere , very soft and airy feel despite its density
- Singular: 12 gg jersey knitting stitch / regular weight and knit structure
- Ultra-light: very fine 16 gg jersey knitting stitch or double-face 1x1 ribbing like a floating cashmere cloud / an imperceptible second skin

PELLAT-FINET's pure virgin wool is the most authentic choice for norman sailor jumpers. For the first time ever, we combined this dry and responsive rustic yarn with high-quality soft cashmere at this traditional artisan knitwear norman factory.
- Marin: 1x1 full-needles ribbing / rustic -authentic feel -sharp allure
- Tempête: virgin wool plated with cashmere ribs / traditional feel with a soft allure